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Red Kiko UFA

Hi all, my old red Kiko is UFA again! 8D

Fruitytears the red Kiko.

Yes, I have yet another neopet UFA. It’s a Kiko again, only he’s basic. Rules for adopting him are here.
Be sure to read it ALL. Breaking at least one rule will have your application ignored.
Also, comments here saying you want him WILL be ignored. Learn to follow rules, I say.

Also, I’ve got some spare Christmas clothing for JubJubs & Techos.
If you want the clothes, just throw me a brick, and please do NOT
comment here telling me you want them. Please.


Just a notice

Hiya guys, It’s me again , Faye 🙂

I came back to say hello and that I won’t be posting anything much these days. Okay? Probably only if I have a pet I want to be adopted/traded. Yep.

And that’s pretty much it. Oh, and one more: The kiko in the older post has already found a new owner. Please do not send me anymore neomails about it :3
I promise to post again any more future pets I want to give away.