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I’ve noticed how some people are still insisting on adopting my old Kikos… well sorry to say this, but I posted that quite some time ago, and they’re not with me anymore! xD They (Limecoconuht and Fruitytears) are both in good homes now (er, I think.), so please don’t send me any more neomails regarding it. I can’t believe people still come across this blog lol. Because of that I came all the way here just to post that applications for said Kikos are CLOSED.

Also… I’ve gone back to playing neopets! I got bored is all. I’m having fun again, with a goal set in mind. I’m looking for some non-raiding neofriends for the habitarium, btw. LOL, my level is so low it’s embarrassing to my neofriends xD But that’s alright. If you don’t raid and don’t mind having me for a neofriend, please do add me! 🙂

Aaaand for that, let me just say that I won’t be posting anything again in a while!