Hey there! I’m Faye, known as Blazifay on the interwebs. I play neopets a lot, and I like Gelerts, Kikos & Blumaroos. They’re my top 3 favorite species. I’m a bit of a neoaddik, I’ll admit that. But I also try to focus on my studies during weekdays. I’m in my 2nd year of HS, and loving it 😉

In case you were wondering, I am not rich on neopets, but I try my best to earn NP daily or when I’ve the time. I also like posting on my LJ blog and I like Anime a lot, probably of because of a certain someone. lol. Other interests of mine include drawing, surfing the net and reading comic books. I’m not very interested in magic. Harry Potter? Don’t talk to me about it, please.

Lastly, if you’ve the time, please visit these other communites I joined:

Blazifay @ DA

Personal Website

Since I’m really lazy right now, I’ll add more info here when I feel like it, kk?

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