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Just a notice

Hiya guys, It’s me again , Faye 🙂

I came back to say hello and that I won’t be posting anything much these days. Okay? Probably only if I have a pet I want to be adopted/traded. Yep.

And that’s pretty much it. Oh, and one more: The kiko in the older post has already found a new owner. Please do not send me anymore neomails about it :3
I promise to post again any more future pets I want to give away.



Good-bye FOREVER

Yeah, title says all…. I’ll be leaving this blog FOREVER. I won’t be posting anything here anymore, this will be the last post. I won’t delete this blog, though. I’ll check it out sometimes. You know, to bring back memories 🙂

As for neopets… I’ll play, still, but only when I feel like it.