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Art request

An art request. =)

Not accepting any right now, I’ll be busy for the next couple of months.



I’ve noticed how some people are still insisting on adopting my old Kikos… well sorry to say this, but I posted that quite some time ago, and they’re not with me anymore! xD They (Limecoconuht and Fruitytears) are both in good homes now (er, I think.), so please don’t send me any more neomails regarding it. I can’t believe people still come across this blog lol. Because of that I came all the way here just to post that applications for said Kikos are CLOSED.

Also… I’ve gone back to playing neopets! I got bored is all. I’m having fun again, with a goal set in mind. I’m looking for some non-raiding neofriends for the habitarium, btw. LOL, my level is so low it’s embarrassing to my neofriends xD But that’s alright. If you don’t raid and don’t mind having me for a neofriend, please do add me! 🙂

Aaaand for that, let me just say that I won’t be posting anything again in a while!

Red Kiko UFA

Hi all, my old red Kiko is UFA again! 8D

Fruitytears the red Kiko.

Yes, I have yet another neopet UFA. It’s a Kiko again, only he’s basic. Rules for adopting him are here.
Be sure to read it ALL. Breaking at least one rule will have your application ignored.
Also, comments here saying you want him WILL be ignored. Learn to follow rules, I say.

Also, I’ve got some spare Christmas clothing for JubJubs & Techos.
If you want the clothes, just throw me a brick, and please do NOT
comment here telling me you want them. Please.

Kikos are ♥

I’ve been playing Neopets again lately, and I’ve become TWICE the addict I was last year. No worries though… I can balance study and play 😀 Haha!

Okay so anyways, Kiko Day has just passed by… uh, right? I know, because I was able to make TWO kikos! And I just found out; Kikos are AWESOME! …But, right now, I’m willing to part with Limecoconuht. Yep, I’m going to put him up for adoption. I’ll be posting the details later, but first I wanna share with you guys a few new goals I’ve been working on 😛

Last Kiko Day, I wasn’t able to name my Kiko Evercoated. I totally forgot about it! So now, I’m gonna have to create or in this case, morph, my pet Korbat –now named Evercoated– into one instead. So I’ve decided to earn for a Checkered Kiko Morphing Potion. It’s pretty expensive, about 330k. But no sweat, I can do this! I mean, my other goal –a Pirate PB– is harder! So I’m willing to buy one via Trading Post. If you have one, you can neomail me then we’ll talk about it 🙂

You will be mine… MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Okay, now that THAT’s done, it’s time to tell you the details about my UFA kiko. Yey!

Limecoconuht boy, is that a mouthful! So let’s just call him Lime!– is a speckled kiko, and created just recently, so he’s still very young. But alas, I am in need of only ONE kiko, so I’m willing to part with little Lime 😦 .

I don’t just want to abandon him though. Otherwise careless owners will simply adopt him, and in no way would love or care for him. SO, I’m going to let you adopt him via Transfer.

If you wanna adopt him, neomail me so. Please no bribing, flattery or begging. It is reportable.

I will NOT choose the first one to apply immediately! I have my own way of deciding of whom to give him to, and that is by taking a look at your current pets and user lookup. Please no side accounts, main accounts are preferable -.-

The deadline is on August 1st. Please don’t use chat speak. I would most likely reject your application.


Well, guess that’s about it for today. I just updated my About page, btw. Because it’s gonna be a loooong time again before I ever post here.

…Maybe once I transform Evercoated into a kiko? 🙂

I decided to disable comments to avoid direct adoption applications here. Instead PLEASE neomail me.

Also, if you’re looking for my old posts, they have been deleted and don’t worry, I’ll tell more again soon :3


So why am I screaming all of a sudden? Because… I can’t believe I’m posting here again :O ! I know I said I wasn’t coming back, but I got bored with my life(…) and decided to come back to neopets. I also made a new account to start off fresh… I just found out giving away accounts are against the rules, so I won’t be posting anything like that anymore, either. I don’t want to lose my account! But I’m not gonna take back the old accounts, of course. It’s yours to keep(why would I need them anyway?!)!

So anyway, why am I posting right now? Only to share my opinion on one matter o-o … About the NC Mall. I know the items are pretty, but what happened to FREE neopets? Ever since Viacom bought Neopets, players have to pay REAL money just to buy those cool clothes. And just in case ya didn’t know, there’s an NC Mall challenge(in the AC Cup, and from the last DD Challenge.). To participate, you need to buy tickets from the NC Mall and are they expensive! About 25hundred, I think. Sure there are premium accounts(where yes, you pay REAL money), but they’re completely optional. They just have additional benefits, and it’s up to you if you wanna be a premium user or not. But now, many ads on the site, and you pay real money for some clothes. I played Neopets because it was the only online game wherein you didn’t have to pay to get the best out of it. Not saying that’s the case NOW, but what if they get completely swayn by the idea of making users pay just to buy some items? Sooner or later, Neopets will be just like the other online games, wherein you have to pay to buy stupid virtual items for you avatar. Hope it doesn’t come to that, eh? Let’s all hope not. I hope TNT(and most especially VIACOM) realizes this!!! 😦

TPOSG… in the Altador Cup???

click for full view.

Oliver, aka The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy, has struck again! But being seen in the Altador Cup? I think this is way odd, don’t you? Well believe me or not, this is proof(look ^)! If you want to do it here’s how:

1. Go to this part of the Yooyuball Game(you have to finish a game first).

2. Click on the right eye of the Techo(your right, not his).

3. There you have it! TPOSG will suddenly appear where you see him on the picture!!! *Triumphant music*